Honeywell Lyric T6R 7 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat


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The Lyric T6R has been developed to meet the demand for smarter, connected controls. It offers customers a host of features to fit their lifestyle, whilst simplifying the installation and set-up process for installers.

  • Wireless programmable thermostat supporting easy installation.
  • The Lyric app gives customers complete control over their home heating system wherever they are.
  • The Lyric T6R works with any boiler and application, offering integration into almost every heating system.
  • Controls on/off (230V) boilers, OpenTherm boilers and heating systems, using TPI or modulating control, delivering superior energy efficiency without user interaction.


  • Can be used as a temperature sensing device in an S or Y Plan system
  • Compatible with 24–230V on/off OpenTherm appliances such as gas boilers, combi boilers and heat pumps
  • Easy integration into existing heating systems
  • On-screen set-up and fail-safe functions accessible via the thermostat simplifies the installation process
  • ‘In control’ confirmation with a flame symbol
  • Temperature measurement can be offset to suit the position of the thermostat if required
  • Wi-Fi-enabled connectivity offers direct connection to the customer’s home network without additional equipment
  • Touch-screen interface simplifies scheduling, changing and overriding temperature
  • Control via smartphone/tablet gives customers complete control of their heating system wherever they are
  • Location-based programming (geo-fencing) adds an additional automated layer of control, adjusting the customer’s home heating based on their location
  • Scheduling features include 7 and 5/2 day bespoke scheduling with up to 6 time periods a day. A 5/2 pre-configured schedule in included
  • Optimisation features, including ‘optimum start, stop & delayed start boiler control, allow the thermostat and boiler to work more efficiently together.
  • Smarter TPI control protocols ensure the boiler fires for the minimum amount of time required to maintain the desired set point
  • Small table-top stand (powered by standard power lead) can be easily positioned for optimal temperature measurement
  • Easy switch-over for existing wireless receiver boxes with a simple, one-wire path to the boiler
  • Device pre-bound at installation with the option to create a new binding using the thermostat or app
  • Signal strength test facility helps establish a robust wireless signal
  • Boiler operation fail-safe feature for lost communications



Wireless receiver box



  • The wireless receiver box has been redesigned to simplify the installation process
  • Simple flip-up wiring bar for easy access and an easy-to-install boiler or zone valve interface*
  • Direct wall mounting or wall-box mounting
  • Utilise existing wiring from a wired thermostat
  • Specific OpenTherm terminals make connection to OpenTherm-capable boilers simple
  • LED power and warning light system shows communication status with boiler or zone valve
  • Override the thermostat and fire the boiler for a systems check with a one-button push
  • Quickly reset and delete the current binding using the reset pinhole
  • LED power and warning light system shows communication status with boiler or zone valve


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